Mobile Car Detailing Derby and Nottingham Areas

Professional Mobile Car Detailing covering Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Loughborough and Burton on Trent areas.


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Mobile Car Detailing

Professional Mobile Car Detailing covering Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Loughborough and Burton on Trent areas.


Professional Mobile Detailing Company Covering Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

We are fully qualified, years of experience and insured providing a professional detailing service covering Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire for many years. We are fully equipped with our own water and electric supply using only the finest of products and machinery. We can restore your vehicle to beyond showroom condition using our years of knowledge and expertise.



  • pre-wash applied
  • Snow foam applied
  • 3 bucket safe wash method
  • Rinse aid applied
  • Wheels fully decontaminated inc barrels
  • Wheel arches flushed
  • Door shuts cleaned and protected
  • Full decontamination of paintwork(Iron, Tar removal and clay bar)
  • Exterior trims restored and protected
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Engine bay throughly cleaned and dressed
  • Glass is polished
  • Hand polished and wax coating applied
  • Vehicle throughly vacuumed
  • Seats, floors and mats shampooed and steam cleaned.
  • Head lining cleaned and protected.
  • All plastic surfaces cleaned, sanitised and dressed.
  • All compartments cleaned and dressed
  • Removal of all embedded dirt and grime in surfaces.
  • Leather seats and trims are conditioned
  • Vents and Ac system are flushed and sanitised.
  • Blast can neutraliser and deodoriser removing harmful viruses and leaving a fresh smell.
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Single Stage Correction

1 day service, aiming to achieve a 60%-70% overall improvement.

Firstly the vehicle receives a full safe wash as described in our detail package. This will leave all surfaces ready and prepped for machine polishing. After the body work is prepped we then use our proven one step correction technique to remove light scratches, surface swirling and paintwork oxidation. All correction packages come with a interior detail and ceramic wax

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Multi-stage correction

2-3 day service aiming for a 80% overall improvement

Your vehicle will receive a safe wash to leave all surfaces ready and prepped for correction. With our multi-stage machine polishing techniques we aim to remove all scratches, swirling, surface oxidation and defects. Also restoring your headlights for perfect clarity, all glass and metal are cleaned and polished and trims restored to a factory finish. We aim to achieve a near perfect finish . All correction packages come with a interior detail and ceramic wax.

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Alloy wheel protection

Available in 5 colours.
Wheeluv creates a barrier around your alloys. So should your wheel rims take impact, wheeluv will take the hit.
Wheels will be full decontaminated and cleaned before application.
Guaranteed 1 year protection

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2 years ceramic protection

UV and CHEMICAL resistance, protects and increases gloss levels this ultimate hydrophobic scratch resistant coating will last 24 months guaranteed.
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Locking out harmful atmospheric degradation providing protection in the harshest of climates for 2 years Guaranteed.
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When we apply our 2 year nano glaze or 4 year protection coating, you can extend the lifespan of these coatings to 6 or 10 the years of manufacture guaranteed coatings. We apply a top coating of ZC BOOSTA every 12 months to ensure your manufacture held guarantee is kept valid. Zirconite Uk will let you know every 11 months to book in a top up application with us.
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4 year ceramic coating

Our ceramic product creates a permanent bond to your vehicle giving you extreme gloss, easy maintenance and multi surface protection. It protects your vehicle from oxidation, corrosion, uv rays, harsh climates. This high-grade Quartz permanent coating also contains 9H scratch resistance giving you 4 years of guaranteed protection.
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